Images of 9/11.

Impossible not to mention 9/11, and naturally from the eye of a photographer. That’s why I am sharing this Elyssa Goodman piece.

“Twenty years later, the events of September 11, 2001, live on in the minds of all who witnessed the attacks, whether they were there in New York or watching it all unfold on TV. The photographers on the ground on that day, and the days after, chronicled history as they captured moments of humanity, fear, despair, and hope. Their work forever changed the American consciousness, and the photographers themselves forever. Artsy spoke to five photographers — Jennifer Altman, Stan Honda, Joel Meyerowitz, Melanie Einzig, and Gulnara Samoilova — about their experiences and the images they made at a time none of us will ever forget.”

Read more and see the unique images in the feature.

Interpol announce 2022 London Roundhouse show.

Tickets for the headline show go on sale later this week.

Mozes Victor Konig just discovered some great Interpol news- they are planning to do a gig in Camden, London — June 2022.

In a recent NME article Interpol announces their 2022 gig.

Interpol have shared details of a new headline show at London’s Roundhouse.

The US band will play at the Camden venue on June 14, 2022. Tickets for the show go on sale this Friday (September 3) at 10am — head to the band’s website for details.

The gig will follow Interpol’s recently announced concert at the Mexico City Sports Palace on May 28, 2022 and their performance at…

Great news for all of you Interpol fans- new music is on its way.

Lets face it we’ve been waiting for long enough.

This article in Noise11 bears some very exciting news.

Cult indie-rockers Interpol have been working remotely on new music for the past year.

Last week, the group — comprised of Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler, and Sam Fogarino — took to Instagram to tease plans for the future, revealing they’re one year into recording and, as Covid-19 lockdown restrictions ease, have united in the studio to develop tracks in person.

Taken from Interpol Instagram account:

Alongside a shot of the band on stage…

Great new photography gig- INTERPOL, the band! Finally ready to publish some of the shots.

Interpol? you ask, not that Interpol, I’m talking about Interpol the NY-based rock band. Interpol have been going since 1997, and among their albums: Interpol- their fourth studio album.

Below is a carousel of Interpol images. shot by yours truly- Mozes Konig.

Mozes Konig creates a visual 2020 look at the year 2020.

What did we have, in no particular order?

Tel Aviv Under Cover:

Walking on the Moon:

So, we have gone from heat-waves to torrential rain in a number of days,here in Israel. For those less well prepared, below is an easy visual 5-Step guide to get you through.

Dress appropriately:

Hats, gloves & scarves- the best Threesome for cold protection.

Drive with Caution:

The weather in Israel lately has been HOT. We are sort of used to heat but when it becomes oppressive in the form of a heat wave, well we all need reminding how best to stay cool.

Drink and stay Hydrated


First and foremost, stay hydrated. Drink lots of liquid, preferably water, cold but not freezing, because it’s harder to drink quantities when the water is too cold.

Coming to a movie lake near you!

Only in Tel Aviv, the local council decided to think out of the box with this remarkable idea. Social Distancing Drive-in Movie- on the lake!

(Courtesy Tel Aviv Municipality)


First, Tel Aviv first reopened its historic drive-in theater, to enable outdoor screenings amid coronavirus restrictions, and now it is inaugurating a floating cinema on Hayarkon Park’s boating lake.

Tel Aviv residents will be able to watch movies on a movie theater-sized screen from the comfort of 70 socially distanced rowboats and paddle boats usually used for traveling around the man-made river.

For the entire news coverage- Check out this Times of Israel article.

I confess! Always wanted to travel and do a photo shoot of the Pier. Massive photographic possibilities and options.

The pier is open 24/7 x 365 days a year- so i guess there is not really a rush to get there. Till you and I do get there, here are some photography tips to bear in mind.

Mozes Victor Konig

Based in Tel Aviv Israel, Konig is a local talent when it comes to photography. Mozes Victor Konig-remember that name!

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