“Marie-Antoinette’s diamond bracelets smash auction estimate, selling for $8.2 million.”

Created in 1791 it would appear that not only “Forever” but “ever-increasing”, at least in value!

CNN Style reported on the recent sale of the 140–150 carats of diamonds, in the famous Charles Auguste Boemer bracelets.

The auction house had predicted the bracelets would sell for between $2 million and $4 million.

“Queen Marie Antoinette’s diamonds captured the world’s attention and achieved a fitting result for…

Mozes Victor Konig reveals his weakness for The Boss, not Mrs. Konig, but Bruce Springsteen.

When talking about The Boss, Mozes Victor Konig cannot avoid HSBC Arena. For those non-Springsteen fans- the famous live Album “HSBC Arena, Buffalo” is so called because that is the name of the original venue.

According to Wikipedia: HSBC Arena, Buffalo, NY, 11/22/09 is a live album by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, released in November 2016. It is the eleventh official release through the Bruce Springsteen Archives.[1] The show was originally recorded live at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York on November 22, 2009.

One of my US trips when traveling was still an option without wearing masks, I ended up in Broward County, Florida and among other famous sites to see I came across this Society/Organization that in addition to having a 33,000 square-foot, completely air-conditioned shelter, has a full-time Vet and educational programs that reach over 150,000 kids & adults a year.

The Society offers 3 main kinds of services:

  1. Clinic Services

Saw this headline and figured i’d feature some of my own photography work that i recently did for a Diamond merchant:

Dubai Tender Makes History with 118.58-Carat Stone.

This is the most valuable rough diamond to be marketed through the DMCC

The Israeli Diamond website is featuring an exclusive story about a Diamond that is 118.58- Carat Stone.

Trans Atlantic Gems Sales (TAGS) will hold a “record-breaking” rough diamond tender at the Dubai Diamond Exchange in Dubai (October 6–12) with a 118.58-carat special stone — “the most valuable rough diamond to be marketed through the DMCC and the Dubai Diamond Exchange,” Rough & Polished reports.

Impossible not to mention 9/11, and naturally from the eye of a photographer. That’s why I am sharing this Elyssa Goodman piece.

“Twenty years later, the events of September 11, 2001, live on in the minds of all who witnessed the attacks, whether they were there in New York or watching it all unfold on TV. The photographers on the ground on that day, and the days after, chronicled history as they captured moments of humanity, fear, despair, and hope. Their work forever changed the American consciousness, and the photographers themselves forever. Artsy spoke to five photographers — Jennifer Altman, Stan Honda, Joel Meyerowitz, Melanie Einzig, and Gulnara Samoilova — about their experiences and the images they made at a time none of us will ever forget.”

Read more and see the unique images in the Artsy.net feature.

Interpol announce 2022 London Roundhouse show.

Tickets for the headline show go on sale later this week.

Mozes Victor Konig just discovered some great Interpol news- they are planning to do a gig in Camden, London — June 2022.

In a recent NME article Interpol announces their 2022 gig.

Interpol have shared details of a new headline show at London’s Roundhouse.

The US band will play at…

Mozes Victor Konig

Based in Tel Aviv Israel, Konig is a local talent when it comes to photography. Mozes Victor Konig-remember that name!

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